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Slavonskih brigada 26, 11030 Belgrade, Serbia
Mon - Fri: 8am - 4 pm
+ 381112514 920
  • Српски језик

About the company

Quality, precision, respecting set deadlines, financial stability and quality of the post-sale service set Repro Oprema apart from other companies in the field.
A high degree of satisfaction when collaborating with the company, from buyers, as well as suppliers, makes all the employees content and more motivated to continue providing high-quality service. During all the years of doing business, Repro Oprema has developed partnerships with many renowned buyers and suppliers. Some particularly stand out with their size and importance, such as Sever Subotica, KSB Austria, Auma Croatia, Termovent Temerin, Flowserve Germany, TAMP Senta (suppliers),  Termoelektrane Nikola Tesla, US Steel, Kopovi Kostolac, Kopovi Kolubara, Hidroelektrana Đerdap, RTB Bor, Beogradske elektrane and many other, equally important, companies.
Constant growth of turnover showcases the capability of the company to develop and improve relationships wih current partners, as well as new ones.
A large number of jons was won on tenders, in presence of really strong competition, and Repro Oprema is also the qualified supplier of the biggest public companies in the energetics field.

Years-long collaboration with the TAMP company, from Senta, which produces industrial tube valves was continued in 2010. by forming the T-O company, which took on the majority of the production program.
In 2011 the company became the licenced distributer of the renowned pump manufacturer,

FLOWSERVE, from Germany, for Serbian and Montenegrian territories.
In 2006, wanting to provide stable growth in accordance with the market, the company introduced the ISO 9001:2000 standard of quality, which wholly fits in with the business philosophy of the management.

Repro Oprema is fully equipped with professional personnel(mechanical engineers, economists, jurists) as well as operationally(storage, delivery vehicles, production equipment) to ensure that the clients needs are answered in the best way possible


  • JKP “Beogradske elektrane” Belgrade – maintenance and investments
  • HPP “Djerdap” – Elektroprivreda Srbije
  • TPP “Nikola Tesla” A and B – Elektroprivreda Srbije
  • TE “Morava” Svilajnac – Elektroprivreda Srbije
  • JP RB “Kolubara” Lazarevac – Elektroprivreda Srbije
  • TE “Kolubara” Crljeni – Elektroprivreda Srbije
  • RTB “Bor” Bor
  • Factory of copper pipes Majdanpek
  • Refinery Pancevo
  • Refinery Novi Sad
  • US Steel Serbia Smederevo
  • Šećerane