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Slavonskih brigada 26, 11030 Belgrade, Serbia
Mon - Fri: 8am - 4 pm
+ 381112514 920
  • Српски језик

Flowserve representation

Repro Oprema is the general representative of the Flowserve company for the serbian market.
Flowserve is the leading manufacturer of all-purpose products and traffic managing services. The company’s solutions help, control and protect thenflow of material in key industries all around the world.
Repro oprema d.o.o is the licenced distributer and representative of this world-renowned manufacturer. For more detail.
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ATB Sever representation

Repro-Oprema doo is the general agent of ATB Sever company in the Serbian market. Repro-Oprema d.o.o. has delivered equipment of an electric motors to referent buyers such are:

  • RTB Kolubara
  • Termoelektrana Nikola Tesla A i B
  • Termoelektrana „Morava“, Svilajnac
  • Termoelektrana  „Kolubara“, V. Crljeni
  • Termoelektrana Kostolac A i B
  • Kopovi Kostolac
  • JKP Beogradski vodovod i kanalzicaija
  • Beogradske elektrane

More about the company ATB Sever check HERE.

Repro-Oprema d.o.o.

REPRO-OPREMA d.o.o (RO) company was founded on 25.05.2001., in Belgrade. The company is registered for production, traffic and services in the area of industrial armature, pumps and equipment.
Goljanic family’s many decades of experience in doing business with renowned national and international manufacturers, and users of industrial armatures and pumps, resulted in the creation of the Repro oprema company.
The company’s mission is to connect, in the most efficient way possible, the manufacturers and the users of this group of products, using the founders vast experience and many contacts, adding value through choosing the right combination of equipment and parts, which, either processed or in their original shape, are offered to clients.

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